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Investor road shows provide one business case private B2B2G meetings or public speach with pre-screened investors (closed format) who have confirmed a strong interest in the opportunity.

  • Investor road shows are focused exclusively on 1-3 investment pipeline base.
  • To guarantee the best chance for success for both investor and business case, leading up to the roadshow, an investor analyst working on the investmnet case speaks with all investors the IC will be meeting to fully uncover the basic needs, and more importantly, understand potential objections the investors might have.

A) Road Show Steps

Pre-roadshow services include, but are not limited to: an analyst works with the business case to practice and sharpen their pitch and investor deck, and helps to make the teaser as appealing as possible

During the road show, meetings are organised at each investor s office or public format (AccEssMeeting Platform).

Post-road show, we follow up with all the investors and work with the investmnet pipeline case to ensure that no potential investor goes cold

B) Professional Road Show Platforms in the Middle East and China

C) Areas of Pipelines focus

  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture & FMCG &HORECA
  • E-Commerce & Commodities Platform
  • Sea & Air Ports Logistic
  • Light Industrial
  • Equity & Fix Income
  • VC & PC

D) How we do it?

  • We choose only the most high-potential business cases, vetted extensively by our internal investor analysts and introduce them to our extensive network of investor contacts at investor meetings.
  • These invitation-only platforms are designed to facilitate both capital raising and networking.
  • They are exclusive, effective and highly focused.

Learn more about our process below.

1. Macroeconomics - Internal investor analysts supported all served clients with country & fields of activity macro- reports (first focus for the investor managing decitions)

2. Analytical Research - Pre-screen investors

  • We conduct country/sector research
  • We understand the investors needs
  • We confirm the location and format

3. Teasers

  • Preparation of Investment Teasers & Contact suitable business cases
  • We contact shortlisted invest cases that match the investor s criteria, based on investor research

4. Pre-Meeting Brief

  • Detailed review of investcase for investor introduction
  • Pre-meeting questionnaire: Describe your invest case along with the type of investors you are interested in
  • Conference call with the dedicated support manager to review and collect detailed information

5. Invest PIN2WIN

  • Present investment pipeline to investors
  • Our investor acquisition team presents your business case to existing and new researched investors to create an initial list of investors interested in your opportunity

6. Invest Meeting Agenda

  • Finalise your personalised investor meetings
  • We work with you to schedule your private one-to-one investor meetings at a time that suits both parties
  • Meet the attending investors
  • Networking breakfast
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Networking lunch evening cocktail

7. Kick-out _ Follow-Up

  • Detailed follow up
  • We work with you to follow up with all investors who showed interest in your investmnet pipeline
  • You are sent a full de-brief of your one-to-one meetings, including feedback from each potential investor
  • You receive all questionnaires completed by attending investors who were not among your shortlisted meetings, so you can target more potential partnerships