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Industry Invest Meetings

Connecting you with influential decision makers and top executives from Middle East and China.
Our industry meetings provide a setting for solution providers to connect with hundreds of qualified investors. The meetings are an opportunity to showcase innovative solutions, learn from leaders and experts, and conduct business with some of the most influential executives in your industry.

A) Company Private AccEss:

Our private capital market access workshops are bespoke platforms crafted to provide leading solution and service providers with direct access to decision makers, build thought leadership and position their brand in growth markets.
Through a half day agenda encompassing industry trends, case study presentations, product and service showcasing and high level networking, these workshops connect a focused group of 10 to 15 industry professionals.
We manage the entirety of the workshop - its content creation, branding and design, attendee acquisition and event execution - all in conjunction with you.

  • Invitation or Initiation 

Targeting prospects you specifically want to meet
A conference call with our team allows you to explain your exact requirements: the job titles and decision makers you want to meet
An account manager works with you to help you identify targets, confirm their attendance and pre-schedule meetings with them

  • Qualification

Identifying those you want to meet
We research our database of 2.000 top-level professionals and pre-screen for the following:
Looking to buy your type of solutions in the next 3 - 6 months
Have a minimum budget
Top-level decision maker
Able to agree and sign deals on-site
We then discuss with you to select up to 20 purchasing decision makers of your choice to attend the workshop.

  • Facilitation

Working with you prior to the workshop
One week prior the Non Deal Road Show, you receive details of all attending decision makers, including their solutions of interest , so you can plan your presentations in advance.

  • Post Workshop

Following up
We work with you to follow up with all buyers who showed a definite interest in your solutions.

B) Invest Platforms 

  • Connecting you to influential thought leaders and top-suite executives from China and Middle East
  • Our industry platforms are efficient business base in which we connect pre-screened purchasing decision makers with worldwide leading solution providers in an exclusive environment
  • Over 2 days of B2B2G, networking functions and pre-scheduled one to one meetings, we bring you to the right knowledge, the right people, and the right opportunities

C) Market AccEss Workshop

Our market access workshops are crafted platforms tailored to provide up to 4-7 leading companies with direct access to decision makers, build thought leadership and position their brand in growth capital or trade markets. STRATEGY Links market access workshops leverage our extensive network of high-level contacts and the close relationships we ve built with them over the course of long years. This network allows us to source buyers from leading funds and companies from Middle East and China. Our workshops gather 10 to 12 industry professionals, all of whom have been thoroughly pre-screened by our invest analyst team and chosen to match your requirements. This unique format allows you to target your ideal capital market partner and position your brand in your target capital market. Additionally, you have the chance to build thought leadership through tailored workshop presentations.
The workshop is an effective education and deal flow platform, tailored entirely to your needs and managed by us. We handle content creation, branding and design, attendee acquisition and event execution on your behalf.

1. Workshop structure

  • Company and Pipeline Introduction and presentation
  • You or a member of your team opens proceedings with a presentation about your company to all attending decision makers

Panel discussion on the struggles faced in the current market.
Networking lunch - provides further opportunity to network with the attendees
Pre-arranged one-to-one meetings - organised and confirmed with you prior to the workshop so you can plan in advance, these meetings are with your top tier prospects.
Additional meetings - our on-site team works with you to arrange additional one-to-one meetings, maximising your time

2. How we work?

We see ourselves as your invest pre-sales team and work with you prior, during and after the workshop:

Pre workshop

  • We help you select and structure your perfect target audience based on your market entry or expansion needs
  • We work with you to help you build an agenda that best responds to the market s and your particulare needs, ensuring you attract your target audience and close deals.
  • We build a content strategy with you, research and produce your white papers, then promote it through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Your logo appears on all marketing collateral including: a) Marketing campaigns b) All invitations sent digitally or in print c) Digital brochures d) We send your brochures to 120-750 highly targeted decision makers

At workshop

  • Up to 60-95 pre-qualified sector decision makers, all with completed questionnaires. 
  • Panel discussion: you will participate in the breakfast briefing panel discussion with all pre-qualified buyers and partners
  • Present a case study from a client of yours addressing a key concern of the audience
  • Networking lunch
  • Attendance for 2 maximum 3 representatives

Post workshop 

  • A full debrief of your one-to-one meetings, including feedback from each potential buyer
  • Detailed feedback from the additional meetings you had on-site
  • Panel discussion: you will participate in the breakfast briefing panel discussion with all pre-qualified buyers and partners.