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Expand your professional skillset and knowledge base by attending public courses or scheduling in-house training


  • Through our professional training division, you are given the option to expand your professional skillset and knowledge base by attending public courses or scheduling in-house training.
  • Professional training division has enabled over  professionals, managers and senior executives to develop their skill set and gain career-advancing knowledge.
  • Our training programmes cover a wide range of areas including finance, capital market, innovation leadership and management, invest strategy as well as soft skills with focus on China and Middle East.
  • Our qualified trainers with experience in their respective fields and a proven track record of successfully helping clients take their careers to the next level.

A) Public courses

  • Our public courses are designed to help companies, banks, funds, business owners and entrepreneurs to support their growth by equipping their team with the necessary capital markets skills.
  • Each public course is designed to produce measurable results and provide participants with skills and insight they can immediately apply in their work.
  • We pride ourselves in delivering high quality training and development that measurably improves to the performance of both individuals and organisations.

Each course provides:

  • Re-education and up-to-date strategies relating to your current industry and region
  • Practical application of new concepts through case-studies and group problem solving exercises
  • Smaller groups which facilitate productive and interactive discussions
  • Ongoing support following each program, including access to the trainer and sharing experiences with other delegates

B) In-house training

  • Our in-house training programmes are entirely tailored to the exact needs of your company.
  • Employees are considered an organisation\'s most valuable asset and their capabilities decisive in achieving your corporate goals
  • Our in-house courses are tailored to your team\'s learning requirements and focused on exercises and case studies related to your organisation\'s challenges
  • By hosting them at your office or a hotel near you, you can avoid the hassle and expense of taking time off to travel for the training


See how it works 4 steps to help you get the maximum ROI on your investment:

Request for a quote

  • Share with us your training requirements via email or give us a call
  • Our team will be in touch with you shortly afterwards with our proposed training and trainers

Conference call with the trainer

  • To ensure each training meets your requirements, we\'ll set up a conference call with the trainer before you book on board
  • This allows the trainer to understand your business challenges and objectives.

Pre-training assessment

  • To gain a profound understanding of the participants\' learning requirements, they\'ll receive an online questionnaire which allows them to share their challenges, questions and expectations of the training. Furthermore, this questionnaire serves as an assessment of the participants\' level of knowledge.
  • Based on the input provided by the participants, the trainer will design a programme tailored to your organisation\'s objectives.

Post-training assessment and support

  • To assess the impact of the training, we\'ll ask the participants to complete knowledge-based survey. By comparing the outcome of the questionnaires pre- and post-training, you will be able to assess the impact of the training.