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Company s history

The history of STRATEGY Links began in 2008 after the first global financial and banking market had been affected by deep collapse. During this period, many experts were predicting the changes in the situation on the capital market of portfolio assets and investment pipeline of the big players because of their inflexibility were going through hard times, there were not specialized player on the Meddle East and Mainland China capital market in Russia. A qualitatively new market niche appeared, and the work performed required a completely different approach. It was the time when it was decided to create the STRATEGY Links Ltd. Company.

The main distinguishing feature of STRATEGY Links was the implementation of investment road-shows, privat B2B2G Investment meetings, Investors introductions, professional trainings and working with large regional, commercial land assets for leading companies, administration and investment funds.

In 2009 STRATEGY Links entered the market in the Middle East (Emarati of Abu Dhani, in particulare), considering it the most dynamic in the context of infrustracture, energy, logistics, free trade zones, the special economic zones management and practices of attracting both investment funds and the world resident companies.

The experience of foreign colleagues has helped to expand the range of techniques and spectrum of services attracting investors, residents, forming the concepts, evaluation of industrial assets / land, and also to expand the range of opportunities for interaction of business elites at regular Road-Shows and investment forums. The collaboration with leading international consulting companies began, it was introduced a number of new services, it was the time of a qualitative internal work standards improvement.

In 2010, there was one more innovation for the Russian market in a foreign practice - the widespread use of building expertise held by the STRATEGY Links Company together with partner companies.

The year 2013 was the time of starting the new non deal cross investment platform UAE-Russia www.AccEssMee.com (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and China-Russia www.CN888RU.com (Beijing and Shanghai), and of emerging a number of new investmnet activity directions.